| My Mistress |

As I parked the car I was very concious of feeling nervous, stage fright maybe, you get too comfortable with a Mistress you see regularly and even for an experienced slave feeling nervous is a nice way to start a scene. My nerves were such that I forgot the instructions and only rang the door bell once instead of as instructed. Fortunately you, my Mistress, opened the door for me.

First impressions flooded my mind as I gazed in awe at the tall blonde vision standing smiling before me. A mane of curly golden hair, beautifully tanned skin a devastating smile but above all the most beautiful electric blue eyes that seemed to pierce right through me. As I followed you up the two long flights of stairs I was entranced by your gorgeous long golden tanned legs encased to the knee in shiny black boots and the strong lithe thighs rising to a pair of perfect buttocks which were hardly covered by your short leather skirt. By the time I got to the top of the stairs I was no longer nervous but certainly and noticeably very excited.

A brief talk while you showed me the dungeon calmed me a little and then after you left the room I stripped and waited on my knees as a slave should. On your return you assisted your fumble fingered slave to fit his harness and butt plug before tieing me to the Steel upright frame. The teasing commenced as you fitted my straining cock with the cock and ball harness which, as I was soon to find out, was also fitted with electrics. The effect was sensational, at first just stimulation as if I needed any more, and then the pain in waves. Just as I was beginning to cope with this you started to whip my arse first with a paddle then with a strap. Such exquisite pain each stroke driving me into the frame, my balls and cock thrust through the mesh, back arched as much as possible in a helpless attempt to avoid the merciless strokes. When you removed your bra and massaged my back with your breasts I nearly came in spite of the pain. What can I say? I love you. It was superb. It was only the next day that I noticed how precise you had been, each of my arse cheeks had a perfect pattern of stripes.

More was to come as the whipping stopped and you stood in front me, a vision of beauty, those wonderful smiling blue eyes looking at me, all knowing, and then you clipped my balls followed with those clips around the helmet of my poor tortured cock before turning up the electrics and turning me into a totally adoring helpless piece of meat.

Finally you tired of this game and released me, laying me on the floor on a sheet of plastic. By now I was totally under your control and didn't even have the wit to work out what was to follow. I did scream as you removed the clips but when you removed your skirt and panties and I was faced with this vision of heaven as you squatted over my face I should have known what was to come but I was so entranced by the sight of your beautiful bum and pussy mere inches above my mouth that until you instructed me to drink your champagne without loosing a drop I was just lost in a sexual reverie. Then came the champagne, it seemed to go on for ever with me madly gulping and trying desperately not to spill a drop. Sadly I failed and was instructed to tongue your tight rear passage instead of my reward which would have been to clean your pussy had I succeeded in my task. Even then being allowed to lick such a personal place was a reward for this slave. Once I had finished cleaning all of your champagne from the plastic sheet, encouraged by a few strokes, you were ready to give me the coup de grace.

Hung by wrists and ankles from the hoist, with my arse at your waist level I have never felt so vulnerable in my life. I watched you fit your strap on before being told to suck it. That task completed and my butt plug removed I watched with anticipation as you swung my helpless body back and forth each swing taking my defenceless open hole nearer and nearer to your formidable rubber cock. Such teasing but finally you impaled me and it was almost with relief that I felt it stretch me and fill my bowel. By this time I was in total ecstasy and as you slowly fucked the arse of your lowley slave whilst teasing my cock and balls with a vibrator I actually begged you for more pain and was rewarded with a severe attack on my pierced nipples whilst still being told not to come. Finally you relented and I came, such pleasure is not experienced often and I can only thank you with all my heart.

So Mistress I am yours and looking forward to the day when I can offer you my body again for your amusement.

Slave Tim

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