| Another Experience |

My hands shook as I rang the doorbell; it had been 4 months since I had seen Yvonne, because my work had taken me away, but we had stayed in touch via e-mail. In the last couple of weeks especially, we had discussed new humiliations that she would put me through, new boundaries to stretch in our next session. The door opened and I stepped in and saw her standing there, her blood red lip gloss stretched into a big friendly smile across her face. She was dressed in a starched white blouse, a short and very tight black skirt, and knee-length black boots. The outfit was completed by a black tie, shoulder epaulettes, a peaked cap, gloves and a thick leather belt from which a whip and a pair of handcuffs swung menacingly. As I had requested (you have to request respectfully, nobody ever tells Mistress Yvonne what to do!), Yvonne had gone for the sadistic prison wardress look. I was so pleased to see her, because we had written to each other many times whilst I was away, and I like to think we had become good friends over the 18 months I had been seeing her. I grinned back like an idiot, as the door slammed behind me, cutting us off from the outside world.

"Hello Bob, it's great to see you again." "Hello Mistress, it's brilliant to see you too." I felt my heart melting as I drank in her tall, regal beauty. I stood there grinning like a lunatic. If anything, Yvonne's smile got warmer and sexier as her gloved hand came up and slapped me hard across the face. As I had also requested, this was harder than she would normally slap me, a proper, vicious smack with nothing held back. I gasped at the pain and suddenness of it and my mouth dropped open in shock. Her arm swung again, this time back-handing the other side of my face, and her dark red lips twisted into a cruel sneer. Using both hands, I touched the sides of my face where she had struck me. It was a big mistake; it left other parts of me unprotected. Her knee came up and slammed into my balls, forcing the breath out of me and causing me to double up in pain. I collapsed to my knees at her feet and clutched my aching testicles. Above me, Yvonne giggled, a sweet, delicate feminine sound, laced with scorn and malice. "Now greet me properly, shit-head." I felt a hand on the back of my head, forcing it down to her gleaming boot. Still clutching my balls, and with my cheeks going red from embarrassment, humiliation and desire, I bowed my head and pressed my lips to the immaculate leather of Yvonne's toecap and began licking it. The sharp heel of her other boot pressed down painfully on the back of my head and forced my mouth harder against leather, twisting and gouging cruelly until I whimpered in pain.

After five minutes of licking the dust off her boots, I thought I was finished, but Yvonne has other ideas; the boot I was so diligently licking suddenly moved away from my mouth gave me a hard kick in the shoulder. "Lie on your back, slave, and stick out your tongue!" I obeyed her as fast as I could, but not before she had gotten in a few more good kicks. It didn't matter, because I was now lying at the feet of an extremely beautiful and sexy woman, who was standing over me with legs spread as wide as her tight skirt would allow. It gave me a perfect view all the way up her legs, allowing me to drink in the lacy tops of her stockings, and the tiniest, most skimpy knickers I had ever seen barely covering my Mistress's cunt. The view was partly obscured as Yvonne presented the dusty sole of her shoe to my mouth for me to clean. I grimaced as the grit and dirt collected on my tongue, but didn't dare to disobey her and spit it out, so instead I licked and swallowed until the sole was clean, and then began sucking on her dangerous heel. After a while, she took the boot away and replaced it with the other one, this time grinding the sole down hard on my nose and mouth, laughing with joy as I squirmed with pain and threatening dire consequences unless I cleaned it really well. Finally, Yvonne was satisfied, and with another cruel kick, she ordered me to climb up the stairs behind her, sticking her perfect, succulent arse out to tease me even more. I followed, keeping my face close to her right heel as she had trained me to, gazing adoringly up her short skirt to the adorable, kissable arse that presented itself to me.

She had wasted no time; a few swats with her vicious whip, and I was quickly undressing, forced to remain on my knees before her as Yvonne watched with a sly smirk. She was sat in a chair, her legs spread slightly, offering me glimpses of those tiny white knickers underneath her skirt. She caught me looking, of course, and punished me occasionally for my impertinence, but after every blow, the thighs appeared to spread even wider, as if daring me to look again. I did, as she knew I would, and she watched my eyes closely, gleefully inflicting more pain on me every time she caught me. When I was finally undressed, Yvonne ordered me to kneel between her thighs. She unclipped the handcuffs from her belt and secured my wrists. Satisfied that they were tight enough to prevent my hands getting free, she smiled at me. "Open your mouth, slave." I didn't understand, so asked her what she meant. It got me another slap across the face, closely followed by a kick in the ribs. "I said open your fucking mouth, shithead!" With a smirk, Yvonne pulled my head back, leaned over my open mouth and spat right into it. Looking me closely in the eyes, she pushed my mouth closed and ordered me to swallow the spit. I obeyed with some difficulty, although I have to admit it didn't taste that bad. It was just the thought of what I was consuming, and the humiliation of the whole act that deterred me. "So how was it, slave?" Yvonne fixed me with her mocking smile, one eyebrow arched threateningly. "Umm, delicious, Mistress." "Good. But you forgot to thank me, so I think you'd better open wide again." Her strong fingers jerked my head back once more, and Yvonne leaned her face back down over mine, almost as if we were lovers about to kiss. Instead, she worked up another mouthful of saliva, and spat it straight into my mouth. As she moved away, a long string of spit dangled from her lips and fell across my cheek, making Yvonne laugh out loud. As if I was a baby, she used one gloved finger to scrape it off my chin, then fed it to me, pushing her finger deep into my mouth and urging me to suck on it. "Hmmm, not bad, slave. I think that one day you will make a fine cock-sucker. Perhaps I will even make some money from you."

The first whipping I received at my Mistress's hands was painful, but I had had worse from her in the past. I knew that, such was her expertise, Yvonne had left no marks. We also both knew that it was a mere warm-up for what came next, because Yvonne loved nothing more in this world than torturing the cock and balls of a helpless, naked slave until he screamed for mercy. I was now standing in the cage, still handcuffed but now with eyes closed in absolute ecstasy because Yvonne's gloved hands were slowly and gently squeezing my achingly hard cock, her fingers sliding deliciously slowly up and down its length. I pushed my hips against the bars of the cage, silently begging her to wank me faster, but Yvonne had no intention of granting my wish. To her, the teasing and denial of pleasure were just another way in which she could inflict her delicious, cruel and sadistic tortures. I screamed and opened my eyes in alarm when she applied the first crocodile clip to the base of my cock, but so small was the cage that I couldn't have escaped if I tried. Instead, I begged her silently not to hurt me too much, whilst she just smiled and drank in my fear. A second clip was applied, then a third. Slowly, a neat row of clips were affixed to the length of my cock. I breathed a sigh of relief when the last clip was applied, glad that there was no room left to affix anymore torture devices. The sigh changed into a moan of despair when Yvonne gave an evil chuckle, peeled back my foreskin and began fastening more clips in a circle around the head of my dick. "Now then, slave. What was it you were saying about women in your last e-mail to me? Hmmmm?" "Oh shit," I thought. She remembered the e-mail. I had sent it as a bit of a joke, but also in a moment of madness to see whether I could get her to be a bit more cruel to me than her last visit. I had said something along the lines of women not being able to really dominate a man, and they can only be dominatrixes because we allow them to. In reality, they weren't strong enough, or tough enough, and if ever a woman tried to dominate me in real life, then I'd soon have her down on her hands and knees in front of me, sucking my cock and begging to be allowed to swallow my come. It was at times like this that I really regretted my childish sense of humour...

Still applying the clips to the head of my cock, Yvonne ordered me to recite everything I had said, and promised me with a wicked smile that I would soon apologise for every word. I believed her too, because my cock was beginning to get pretty sore with all those little clips pinching into the skin. But basically, I'm a man of limited intelligence, some may even say stupid, and I'm driven by my desire to be dominated by a really cruel, heartless bitch. Let's make this interesting, I thought, and see if I can get Yvonne angry enough to get really mean.

to be continued

Slave Tim

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