| English Experience |

What can I say? You and I have had some great domination sessions over the last few months, but today was the best ever! I drove away from Heerlen in a daze.

All I could think about was how you had locked me in that cage, climbed up and straddled my face, then pissed in my mouth! From the moment I walked through the front door, my heart was racing because you looked absolutely beautiful. Your new hair-style really suits you, and that short summer dress was as sexy as hell. The strappy sandals and red painted toes really made you look feminine and sexy, showing your beautiful feet off to perfection and making me long to fall to my knees and worship them (which was why you didn't have to slap my face today. Sorry if you was looking forward to that bit!).

And as I followed you up the stairs and gazed at your perfect ass and got my first peek at those skimpy little panties hugging your cleft, I nearly fainted with desire. It is only right that Ladies as beautiful as you should have slaves and be worshipped by lowly males such as myself. I loved doing the photos with you today, Mistress, especially the one where you stood on me full weight with your heels. Do you remember when I shouted out in pain when you where climbing off me? I loved that bit, because you started laughing at my pain, as if it was no more than amusement for you. It seemed so cruel and callous that I remember lying there hoping you'd stomp me again LOL.

And then you used me as your toilet! Yes I know I keep saying it, Mistress, but I can't stop thinking about it. To be locked in that cage and ordered to fasten my mouth near your pussy and not spill a drop. And then the total feeling of humiliation I felt as you started filling my mouth with your piss and forced me to swallow it, reduced to nothing more than a toilet, imprisoned between the soft warm thighs of a beautiful sexy woman, but only to be her piss-boy.

I was so hard and turned on, I only had to touch myself slightly and I had my first orgasm! I also remember afterwards, when you had finished and I was cleaning you up, the way you casually ordered me to lick your ass as well. Spoken like a true Mistress! I felt like a proper slave, used only for my Mistress's pleasure and not my own, and it wasn't long before I was incredibly turned on yet again. I don't think there was anything that could have made today more perfect, Mistress. Except, maybe, to be treated exactly like that by two women.

I can imagine a scenario where you and one of your girlfriends are talking to each other, completely ignoring the slave kneeling at their feet licking their shoes clean, and then you decide to show your friend exactly how obedient the slave is, call me over and order me to open wide. Having my mouth used as a toilet by two beautiful women as they laugh at my humiliation, and then being forced to lick and suck both their pussies and asses to orgasm afterwards, perhaps as both women kissed and played with each other, now that is what I call heaven LOL.

Your devoted slave and piss-boy.

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